Haile Sand Fort Sunrise

Haile Sand Fort Sunrise

Haile Sand Fort Sunrise

Following on from my previous stormy painting of the sand fort I decided to give it another go, this time focussing on a photograph I took of it at sunrise back in June 2009.

It was a very calm morning and we’d walked to the beach in Cleethorpes around 3:30am, it was just starting to become light and the air was pretty fresh. We’d walked past the boating lake at this point and the sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon and the sky was on fire. I took a lot of photographs on this trip, some of them I have already painted, some I would like to paint at a later date.

The sea was a little choppy that morning and so I decided to experiment with a palette knife and some structure gel on this piece to give it some texture and life. Overall I think I need some more practice but it was fur to have a bit of a play. I was unsure whether to paint in the out of focus san you can see at the bottom of the painting. Where I was positioned for the photograph there was a bit of a dune so its no possible to see the tide meeting the sand. I’m glad I left it in as it adds a bit of a frame to the drama above.

Hopefully I will be exhibiting this work at the Grainthorpe art festival in august if you’d like to see it in person. I just need to figure out a price.

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