About Me

I was born in North East Lincolnshire and grew up loving the coastal landscape and the sea. I have always had an eye for design and creativity and was always encouraged to channel those juices into projects.

During my teenage years I devoured any opportunity to create and built a lot of websites and branding for local businesses. This experience served me well as I was able to support myself through university with numerous advertising and web projects for business around the country using the internet and contacts I’d built to gain work.

I studied advertising and marketing for me degree which allowed me to apply strategy to collaterals I would produce and build a greater understanding of how to communicate through visuals and copy.

Although I studied graphics and art at GCSE, I mostly neglected traditional media for quite a while, with only a casual dabbling in comic style drawing. It wasn’t until I’d left university and had moved in with a friend that I decided to pick up the brush again, and I mostly not stopped since.

Since moving to Manchester I’ve been inspired to paint a lot more and have found myself painting a lot of scenes from my home town, a nostalgia for the sea perhaps. After I moved my horizons have greatly expanded, I play with an amazing water polo team, the Manchester Sharks, and I’ve visited far more places around the world, including an incredible trip to Hong Kong which inspired a lot of paintings.